"it's a beautiful day" - U2....... "don't fuck it up" - unknown


so much time, so much time, so much time.
i just got my one day award from AA. hallelujah. what a weird word that is. sorry, i gotta get out of this chair. i feel like ironside. without the iron. roll me over to the refrigerator. okay. i had oatmeal this morning. that's a good substitute for a workout, right? a bowl of nature's own. oh, jesus. if you're looking for something disgusting, there are several web sites devoted to potted meat food product and other delights. check 'em out. http://www.cs.rutgers.edu/~pxk/pottedmeat.html
But let me warn you... they're disgusting. I mean, all they do is honor and explore some canned food products. But you'll be happy to eat oatmeal after reading.
Anyway. Several things to do today. which is why i'm sitting here writing this. i have a former classmate who now is in art book editing/creating who is interested in possibly doing a book of some of my photographs. so i have to run out and get some polaroid film, before it all disappears. this could be a great thing, but i live in hollywood, and after years in "the biz" (peripherally, anyway) well, you know...

were the grammies a snore, or what? i love watching singers walking down long staircases, making sure they don't trip. while singing stupid songs. (bitter?) and that mike green (is that his name?) crying about napster and its clones... how does he think napster feels having so many other web sites ripping them off and copying their song-stealing services? i mean napster is the original and they should... okay, yack yack bs bs but those three kids they had downloading songs for two days? do they get to keep them? or will he have them arrested?
i had an assignment with my photo group the other day. i was given the letter "s."

try that with a digital camera.
try that with an american beer.
(fyi, a 25 second exposure and i was in the frame for about half the time)
back to the grammies for a second. sheryl crowe? didn't have to say a word, did she? and i see a tv show based on the comedy of the edge. maybe he's a school teacher, spouting his wit.
hey, wait, that's me. har har.
alicia keyes... she was great on the tribute to heroes. and then suddenly... i don't know. too much, too soon?
more later.

things are actually all right at the moment. except for the usual. but things are happening. what? well, i'll have to tell you later. gotta clear my plate, so to speak.
uh... sarah hughes? fabulous. that was sport/art at its best. because she didn't care. they'd already written her off. she should retire right now. get some endorsements, get college money, go to school. and keep her olympic achievement pure. yeah, right.
more later, i promise.

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