abandoned sofas of Los Angeles

Visitor responses:

zehr kool--concept and the quality of the photos
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- teman treadway

My favorite is Jefferson 3. It is obviously placed to enjoy a view of the
waterway. Who says that people in LA aren't sensitive.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- john bullion

JD -- I'll claim the extra long "el centro" sofa (# 2a.jpg). I trust that it will still be available in 2002
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- david dexter

Having just moved, I could have used any of those couches. My plan is to click on them here and load them in to the Ryder to take home. Thanks.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- mike breen

The pictures are really funny and interesting. LA is a great source of trash-art.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- carlo caccavale

What a crack up! I don't know how to couch this any other way but to say sofa so good!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- jeff magid

I love the photos. Thanks.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- rosalina de la carrera

Love it!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- bill forward

couch_02a is my favorite, the way the light from heaven shines on it, almost breathes new life into it.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- ching kuo

Been looking for a good sofa bed for weeks. Why no street addresses? You fucking "artist." Don't you care about THE PEOPLE?
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- randall smoot

couch_15a looks most comfortable. Have you collected any of these so no one has to sleep on the floor?
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- joseph dean

where do you find this bullshit? surfing the internet?
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- jim phillips

crenshaw, hands down. if only i'd known this BEFORE i furnished my apartment. so many sofas, so little time. as crenshaw's running mate, i nominate couch 06c xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- geraldine alimurung

How long did it take you to photograph all those sofas? While I would really like to get a new couch for our family room, I didn't see any that quite fit the bill. My favorite was crenshaw 3.jpg - I liked the angle it was set at.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- joan dean

Couch 26 looks like a derelict sofa party. LOVE VINE NIGHT/Gregory/Jefferson. Going back to look some more. Love these.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- christie mellor

I just hope that orange grove couch is still there and not subject to recall. It looks like a great place to retire at night. Get it! Retire at night? Hey, remember, drive safely.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- r goldman