I want to tell you, my head is filled with things to say...


I don't know, what do you think?

Finally getting around to those new years' resolutions. But they're the same ones every year. Get a tattoo. Throw all of the leaves off the roof. Turn back the hands of time. Maybe just shake the hand of time. Make some sort of deal.

The return of the bump is about to happen. (Hunh?) Just what I need. An infusion of... others. The unexpected. I have to think of a good project. But honestly, it's the writing that makes the day. Uncovering those bits of stored memory. Creating new stuff out of the air. ¡A mí me gusta!

Okay. Back to work. I have to ask my little sister (she's only three inches tall) to stop sending me nuns. They've had their day. But how can I stop her fun?

I've rediscovered audio tape. You know, cassettes? I used to make a lot of compilation tapes. Dozens of them. I wouldn't dare tell you how many there really are. All those wasted years. But what great music, in interesting combinations. (Well, the happy pill seems to be working!)

Gotta find the secret of bar codes.

Sometimes I get the feeling that my good intentions are misunderstood. I'm just a soul whose intentions are good.


Can the world lose another Beatle? SONOFABITCH

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