"You'd better run, you'd better hide, you'd better lock your house and keep your kids inside.."


Apologies to those of you who received my chain letter. I was... desperate. There were promises of true love if I sent it to enough people. Between chain mail and fortune cookies... I'm bound to catch something. Luck, that is. Even Charlie Brown is a little desperate. Or maybe it's just the tone of the strip now that Charles M. Schulz is gone.

I leave for Columbus tomorrow. Thanksgiving with the family, except for Char who will be in Guadalajara until December. Another plane ride in the new world. Which reminds me. I forgot to mention the conversation of some ugly american types on my flight to Mexico. Big ruddy-faced guy with long sandy hair and a loud growly voice. She's a long-haired long-past flower child type. She sits on her haunches, kissing him at an adjacent gate waiting area. They're among the last group to get on the plane. And suddenly he yells out, "Why do we always wind up getting on last when we go to these shitty cities?" And once they're on the plane, she's talking really loud. "We're gonna die. We're going down in a big fireball. Kiss me when we take off."
Meanwhile, there's a couple sitting in front of me. A Mexican man comes up to the seat and shows them his ticket. The woman is sitting in his seat. There is a little miscommunication between the three and finally the woman gets up and the man takes his rightful seat. The woman takes her real seat across the aisle. The husband, slightly not drunk, says to her, very loud, "You go ahead and sit over there. I'll stay here and sit next to this asshole. I'll sit next to this asshole."

This was a month after the attacks.

Anyway. I just got off the phone with a friend who also works all of the time. This is sick. I have not much of a life outside of this room. In front of this computer. I do teach once a week. I go to a movie every once and a while with Erik. Other than that. Work. Rent a movie.

Oh, this is just too pathetic. I'm going to join a cult and get some friends!

While cleaning my daughter's room (so the appraiser would like the house...) I found a couple of items. One makes me feel all warm and comfy about Char in school in upstate new york.

The other just makes me feel like I have a teenaged daughter...

Pierce nose? It's so... cute.

Gotta go pack.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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