"Do do do do do heartbreaker, with your forty four..."


I don't know how fave client puts up with me. Mercifully, she has never uttered the dreaded words "You don't think I've been leading you on, do you?" She hasn't been leading me on. she just is who she is.
I'm totally obsessed. And every night I delete email I start to send to her. I've agreed to the working relationship and friendship.
This is all old news, I know, but she's so much more fun to think about than the fucking war. We've attacked, and now it's "100% certain" that we'll have more terrorist attacks here in the U.S. I'm supposed to go to Guadalajara Wednesday night. We'll see if there's an airport on Wednesday.
It's all hell. Hell and shit. And fucked.
Fave client, on the other hand...
I actually went out for a walk today. Left my computer. Left my work behind me. I walked to Larchmont. Mostly to see what the mood was like in the world. The boulevard was quiet, but there were a good number of people out and bustling about.
And, of course, who do I run into? Fave client and her mother. They're both out of their hoods. One lives in the valley, the other in Los Feliz.
I was totally surprised and incredibly happy. Made my day.
I felt myself walking around with a stupid smile on my face. Something I once called the "Ludicrous Smile of Love."
If I die in some terrorist attack, or get hit by a bus, at least I've been happy recently.
What the hell else can you ask for?

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