"Baby, mellow my mind.."


Jesús! The month is almost over. The rent, she is due.

In a mixed state here. What else is new? Lots of very good people in my life at the moment. Lots of work. New class. Here, check this out. I started screwing around with some illustrating...

Working with a couple of former students on some photography stuff. I guess I'm in some kind of creative thang. I like it. My room's a mess. My living room's a mess. I haven't... Well, hell, that's the fun part of creativity, isn't it? Leaving the mess behind?

Want to see something scary?

Oh. did I say scary? Man, what a crazy mixed up world.
Is that insight? Is that what you paid your ten bucks for? "What a crazy mixed up world? Demand your money back!!
later, jovenes.

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