"in a love field.."


My clients love me. My students love me. My daughter loves me. My ex-girlfriend loves me. The Pavilion's women love me. You name a women where I am known, and they love me. Except... What's missing from this story? Current girlfriend.

Getting to the point again where going out and seeing happy couples is getting unbearable.

Too drunk to write. Have had a great month with Charlotte. Saw Ibrahim Ferrer from the Buena Vista Social Club, and saw Amelie. Had the road trip with her. Things is good, man.

But. A happy/unhappy state.

Oh, the agony.

Adieu. eyes closing, head nodding. nothing pressing tomorrow. buenas noches...

Can't believe I censored this! (he wrote on 1/29/02!!) Fear creeps into the life of the sob and he begins to hide... oooo-o-o-o so what?

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